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We are constantly asked if we can make a bacon jam. Our response has always been, "due to licensing, we simply cannot make jam with meat." But the demand was high so we were determined to figure out a way.

Tipsy Pig took years to perfect so that it did not taste like dog treats. We started with various bacon flavoring products, but nothing offered the profile we were searching for. After years of trial and error, we finally figured it out! The key was not to rely on store-bought flavoring but to create our own bacon notes through the cooking process.

It starts with peeling a variety of tart and sweet apples from North Georgia. They are soaked in moonshine to hold their color and the alcohol enhances the smoking process. The smokiness of the apples is toned down with the molasses notes from the demerara sugar and balanced out with maple syrup and a special spice, tarragon. We sauté pecans with a hint of bacon flavoring and sea salt to help give the texture of a crispy piece of bacon.

I get asked all the time, "what is your favorite jam?" This is it! 

Tipsy Pig Jam

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