Frequently asked questions

What bourbon or rum do you use?

It's a blend of fine spirits that we will keep secret. We have experimented with several brands until we found the right mix that compliments the fruit.

Is their alcohol in the jam?

Yes, there is still a trace amount of alcohol, but our slow cooking process ensures most of the alcohol is removed but the smell and taste of the spirits remain.

Why are some jams "runny" and others "thick"?

This depends a lot on the pectin and sugar process. Some of our jams, like Spiced Pear and Hot Date with Brandy Jam are intentionally produced as "runny" so it can be used as a glaze or easily spread on cold items like cheeses and cold cuts. Our Fig Bourbon Jam is purposely "thick". with the intention that you will be using it more on warm breads or hot foods. As the jam warms, it softens. If it is too thick for your taste, then you can always warm it up or dilute it.

Is there a difference between the batches?

Yes, slightly, but you will probably not notice a difference. Just like the same brand of bourbon can have different characteristics that are introduced through the aging in the barrels. Our jams also take on different characteristics depending on the spirits used as well as the region, variety and time of year the fruit is harvested.

Why is shipping so expensive?

We agree. In some cases shipping costs more than the product itself. We are exploring new shipping vendors. We do offer local pickup at various locations in Georgia. Contact us to find out where.

I want to feature your jam in our store or restaurant. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, please contact us.

Can you customize the logo for our wedding party to use as gifts?

What a fantastic idea! Yes we can, but it will be an additional costs. Contact us for more details.