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  • What is the shelf life of your jams?
    We are regulated by both the USDA and FDA so we must ensure we meet the appropriate brix (sugar) level in all our batches. Because of this, our jams will store, unopened, for three years. To be safe, we actually put a 2 year expiration from the date the batch was created. Our batch number is included on all our labels and end with the date the jam was crafted. For example DCSM02152023 indicates Dark Chocolate Strawberry Merlot was crafted on February 15, 2023. We add two years so the best buy date in this case would be Best By 02 15 2025. In reality, this jar is still fine to consume within a year after the best by date.
  • Why are some jams "runny" and others "thick"?"
    Thick jam, or jam with little movement is always the goal but there are several factors that come into play when crafting jams and jellies. Temperature, sugar level, ph, and even cooling conditions can alter the consistency or texture. We can craft a proven recipe exactly as recorded and then reproduce the jam later following the exact process and it not set, or thicken. Jams that have movement and even runny are still safe to eat and most customers will use it as a glaze for meat or easily spread on cold items like cheeses and cold cuts. The opposite end of the spectrum with very think jams can be soften as it warms on hot foods or heated breads. Opened jars left in the refrigerator will naturally thicken.
  • Is there a difference between the batches?
    Yes, slightly, but you will probably not notice a difference. Just like the same brand of whiskey can have different characteristics that are introduced through the aging in the barrels. Our jams also take on different characteristics depending on the spirits used as well as the region, variety and time of year the fruit is harvested.
  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    We agree. In some cases shipping costs more than the product itself. We can typically ship up to 12 jars per shipment for the same cost, so we encourage you to add as many products as possible to maximize your shipping cost. We are always exploring new shipping vendors, but for now USPS offers the best rates for orders less than 12 jars. We do offer local pickup at various locations in Georgia. Contact us to find out where.
  • I want to feature your jam in our store or restaurant. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    Yes, please contact us.
  • Can you customize the logo for our wedding party to use as gifts?
    What a fantastic idea! Yes we can, but it will be an additional costs. Contact us for more details.
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